Candles & Good Karma

July 30th, 2017|Thoughts|0 Comments

*This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the candles from our friend to support her business & her causes.

I’ve done my fair share of charity work- from providing staples to the homeless, sponsoring a child, participating & volunteering in various areas for different causes. I even used Marlowe’s 1st birthday as a way to contribute to Save the Children, Unicef & the White Helmets (instead of getting her presents) While I’ve never travelled to a 3rd world country for volunteer work ( I would so love to one day), I do try my best to support different charitable causes from home & donate as much as I can…but it can be a challenge to decide on the charity you want to support continuously- unless of course, you are profoundly connected to the cause. And deciding between all the causes out there can be overwhelming… and how do you decide on the priority of each cause? How are you to choose between helping people that just went through a disaster, and also help suffering children in the world? What about animal cruelty? I guess there is no right answer, but the willingness to contribute is the most important step. One of our good friends Audrey have released The Karma Collective – a collection of beautiful, locally made, soy wax candles but with a difference. When you purchase one of her candles, you are already making a positive impact to the world. Each fragrance contributes to a different cause. I know you might be thinking, why don’t I just donate directly to the cause? Well you absolutely can. But if you’d like to receive something that you can use in your home, or purchase it as a ‘meaningful’ gift for someone…Karma Collective can be the perfect choice. Moreover, her candles absolutely smell divine. My current favourite being the Watermelon & Lemonade, which donates to World Animal Protection. Other causes include Save the Children & Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Follow Audrey & the Karma Collective on Instagram @karma.collective to see what she’s up to!



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