Don’t know if the above is translated correctly,

but it means “I Love Japan”

Haven’t been, but have been dreaming since I was like 13 I think.

One was cuz I LOVE reading Manga/Anime & their portrayal of Japan is super intriguing.

A country so unique & advanced with technology- yet still manage to be so culturally sensitive & hold many traditional beliefs.

MAINLY, for Disneyland & Disney Sea!!


(And yes, all of you who know me well, know Ariel is my favourite!)

I know it looks very kiddy, but I DON”T CARE!!!

I can only watch from afar & only hear the wonderful stories from lucky friends who went, or enviously looking through their photo albums.

These past 3 years, I had been constantly deciding to go but things came up & shit happens (e.g. those of you might know my outburst about Jetstar)

Was going to go in 2008- went to China/ HK/ Macau for 3 months for study tour instead.

2009- Went to JKT instead to see family & then ended up staying in Sydney for 3 months.

2010- Went to Thailand/ Malaysia

THIS YEAR I MUST GO!! MUST!!! I am hardcore saving to go!!!

Anyways….I’ll just share with you guys some videos…

For those who’s been, Please let me know where I should go!!! :)


HANAMI Cherry Blossom Celebrations






SHOPPING!! (Or more like browsing…lol. Don’t they have the cutest stuff!!)


And if I could, I wanna go to Tokyo Girls Collection!!!

(pretty much something like the Japanese version of Victoria Secret, except not all lingerie. All the models have their own fan-base, in a ‘concert’ style runway audience)


& for the night Owls….


(hm…the video is ok haha but the song got me in the mood lah haha. In the end it depends who you go with to have fun right?)

Anyways, that’s all now!