Valentines Day

With Valentines Day nearing, let’s take a couple of moments to reflect on our loved ones. Those with partners…(including myself!) it’s usually easier to vent about the negatives- what your partner doesn’t do, or what he/she does that drives you crazy, what they have or don’t have. Instead, focus on the positives! What do they have that others don’t? See my hubby may not be the MOST romantic person- but that may be only to my standards. Others might think he’s nailed it! He doesn’t know that he can get a custom printed box of flowers from Cartel,or know the size of my shoes to buy me some *cough*  Valentinos, or that a nice ‘date’ doesn’t mean Pho in Richmond. He doesn’t even read my blog- but I count my blessings in so many other ways. He genuinely cares for my family & is always friendly with my friends. He LOVES kids & is so great with them (not awkward, weird & cold) He is so down-to-earth, genuine & funny. He always compliments me (even when I know it’s not true haha) He doesn’t restrict me from doing whatever thing I want to do (besides excessive shopping of course) I mean, I have friends, whose husbands get mad if they “go out”. He always encourages me to be myself. He always spend quality time with Marlowe & prides himself for being able to take care of her when I’m not around- like the fact he can still give her baths, tie her hair or change her nappy (I have friends, whose partners refuse to do this with their kids) The point is, ultimately, only you know deeply about your relationship & why you choose to be in them despite their shortcomings, so let’s highlight those reasons! Happy Valentines Day guys!