The first time I saw Cliffords cake, I was instantly reminded of the magical creations out Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory- I was also convinced Clifford is the reincarnation of Roald Dahls infamous character himself…well maybe less crazy, but definitely more fun. Creating wild confections, like delectable colourful pops of meringue kisses, exquisite chocolate sails , to dreamy pink-chocolate covered popcorn and then drizzled with decadent dulce de leche topped with spun sugar …combining all that with cake, is always a OMFG genius combination in my books. Customers, friends & family rave that Cliffords cakes taste as good as it looks! Deservedly so, Clifford alone hand make/bake these incredible “looks-too-good-to-eat” concoctions out of his own home made recipes. Based in Sydney, he started his business from a hobby of creating baked goods on a weekly basis for family & friends. After discovering “creative local bakers on Instagram” he pursued it further out of a booming baking industry. Here are 5 questions with Cakes by Cliff!

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1. What made you find your passion in Cake out of all other things?

I started baking for friends/families and always got positive feed back, which motivated me to do more! The creative bakers on Instagram were the real reasons why I decided to push this passion further.

2. Did you take any baking classes prior to Cakes by Cliff?

No I did not! All baking was trial and error in the kitchen, hunting for the ‘best’ recipe and watching YouTube videos. There has been many times where I have stuffed up the recipe or it hasn’t turned out the way I wanted to! Receiving advice from my partner (Hi Tim!) and his mum (Hi Ros!) was also very helpful! Since I have started Cakes by Cliff, I have been encouraged to go to classes to build my skills so I can then apply them to my own designs! The baking community is also a great resource. The responses from the baking community (whether its via Instagram, email or Facebook!) have been overwhelming. The people that I have been in contact in Australia and overseas have been amazing in sharing their tips and tricks.

3. What was your biggest obstacle, if not, disappointment (if any) while trying to establish your business & how did you manage it?

I think the biggest obstacle is finding the balance of working a full time job and starting your own business, not turning your passion into a chore. This is where you have to be super organized and set time aside for your own business and not let it detract from your fulltime work! There has been already a few long nights in the kitchen but the client’s reaction is far more rewarding.

4. Your brand started so organically –  Your story is an inspiration- any tips you can share for others thinking of starting their own business?

You just have to do it without thinking. It’s now or never. It didn’t take too long for my brand to go live. It took me only a few solid days to turn around a logo, website, Facebook, stationary etc.! Another tip is to use your resources from friends and family that could help you start your business as it can get quite expensive outsourcing!

5. What is your ultimate favourite type of cake?

My ultimate cake is the chocolate dome which I’ve had one too many times working in a café in Sydney. This chocolate dome is hard to miss, as it is combination of layers of dark chocolate mousse fudge and sponge all in a shape of a dome! One bite of this cake and you will be in chocolate heaven!

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