1. Make things happen for yourself.

I wanted to do a photo-shoot- I didn’t wait around for someone to ask me or to do it for me. I just did it. Took a friends advice on what studios are up for hire, packed my bags & went ahead for a fun day with my sister. And it made me happy. If you want to travel, why wait until someone can go with you? If you want to start a blog just for fun, do it. If you love photography but can’t afford a camera, save- or do what I did for a while, just take photos with my phone… there are so many simple things you can make happen for yourself, just start at the most simplest & work your way up.
2. You win some, you lose some.
I believe the universe is fair. It takes away some things but gives you something back in return- it gives balance. I’ve had a couple un-materialised plans, gigs that fell through or didn’t work out, falling outs here & there, but I have accepted it & realised there is so much more to gain than to mull over what is lost & probably not adding value to your life anyway. Once you have accepted the reality of things & moved on, you will find peace with yourself & live a happier lifestyle.
3. Who cares what they think about your career.
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If you are happy in retail to picking up garbage- so be it. If this was a perfect world everyone would be CEOs, celebrities, gazzillionaires & living the career they want- and that is great if you are already doing it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive for the best, but if you love the culture/environment of where you work no matter what the actual job is, then so be it. I lived most of my adolescent & uni, being unhappy because of the look people gave me when I told them what I do. At the end of the day, they are not living in your shoes & you shouldn’t live in theirs. That being said, good, positive & constructive advise should always be appreciated. I actually loved being in retail because of the fashion if it wasn’t always such a bitchy/toxic environment to work for- but for what it was worth, I’ve had some awesome fun times.
4.Develop a hobby/ passion & work on it.
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I love making things- from candles to just blogging. It could be photography one minute to making dessert. When I do it, I’m in my own world & I love it. Who knows one day your hobby could be a business?
5. Cultivate relationships.
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May it be with your family, with a close group of friends, new ones or rekindling old relationships, or simply having a mentor at work who can give you positive tips at work- it doesn’t have to be someone at a senior level, just someone with good work ethics that is well respected in their work place that can inspire you to be better. Cultivating or investing in great relationships will bring you positive energy, and thus make you happier.