1. After 8 months of maternity leave, I finally start work tomorrow!!
  2. Marlowe had this puffy eye for a couple of weeks, and after a couple of visits to a GP which amounted to nothing, I was convinced that she was allergic to something. So we took her to this ‘allergy doctor‘ & she got pin-pricked 11 times for all these potential allergens! BUT she was a total champ about it & did not make a single peep.
  3. I finally went to Crocs playcentre with my sis-in-law & our friend, together with our babies & had an awesome time! And because the kids were under 1, it was free entry & we were so exhausted at the end. We jumped on the jumping castle & the babies were bouncing off the walls- it was so funny! Marlowe loved every single bit of it. Then we slid down the slides with them on our laps & played in the ball pit centre which had one of those huge basket things that drop all the balls down into the play arena. It just felt so great to see the babies so happy! Why didn’t I go there sooner!!!!???? By the way, I don’t know how some moms leave their kids unsupervised/unattended…there were some kids that were really sweet & some that were quite nasty. We were in the infant play area & these kids who were clearly much older kept coming in & snatching the toys away from our babies. I told this boy off after he nearly headbutted our friends baby. GRRRR!!
  4. G & I are big fans of Jurassic Park. Isla Nublar brings back old, nostalgic memories of my childhood haha! (I especially love the velociraptor-in-kitchen scene from Jurassic Park) SO we used Marlowe as excuse to check out the Melbourne museum exhibition. It was so fun & amazing- but too short for my liking!! Nonetheless, we made great use of that pricey $30 pp ticket by checking out all the available exhibitions- my fave? WW1 Love & Sorrow. I studied history throughout High School & University after all. P.S, we spent $35 on a T-Rex Tee for Marlowe lol.
  5. Marlowe is a supersonic crawler now, but I just can’t get her to crawl toward me. I always have to entice her with a toy! She does this funny thing like, when she likes something she sees, she huffs in excitement, then does a forward & backward move on her hands & knees… and then lunges forward & crawls…sometimes too excited that she tries to ‘stand’ crawl! It is so funny to watch.
  6. I will miss Marlowe so much at work.
  7. Really looking forward to the next couple of months which signify our house getting closer to being done. Then we move out!!! Yipee!!! Just praying it will be before Christmas!

Hoping you all had a great Fathers Day weekend!