One of my few ventures out of the house this week, was to Yarraville Gardens to try my friends gourmet food truck business called Gorilla Grill. Remember this post? When I mentioned I am still quite the tourist in Melbourne even after 12 years, I am far from kidding. Well, it was my first time at Yarraville Gardens & definitely my first in experiencing Melbourne’s growing food truck culture. Sure I’ve tried that odd Chorizo/ Sausage food truck that pop up occasionally at car parks, but never like this. The 40+min drive toward my workplace on a Sunday afternoon would usually be a buzz kill moment, though this time I was SUPER EXCITED to drive even further out past my workplace, just to try Gorilla Grill. After months of hearing rave reviews, salivating & admiring that delicious-you-can-almost-smell-it-and-lick-it pictures via their Facebook page & Instagram photos, I was ecstatic G agreed to come with me to try it. I finally caught up with Jayda the owner & creator, dishing out his creations inspired by his trip to America- with an Asian twist to it by combining flavors from Korea & Southeast Asia (I swear to God that my heart skipped a beat) Jayda is not new to the food industry as well, growing up in Footscray, helping to run the family business- local favorite Vietnamese eatery, Bunta, Jayda’s palate is something to take seriously. I devoured 4 out of their 5 dishes which included Fat Tony’s grilled Korean pork belly, Mama D’s fried chicken ribs, Porkzilla Korean tacos & Kimchi fries. I craved for seconds if it wasn’t the fact that I didn’t want people to know that I can eat like a Hippo. Favourite dishes? Kimchi fries & Mama D’s Chicken Ribs (inspired by Bunta).

I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the weekend.

Check them out: