This is going to be one of those rant posts so tune out if you are not interested! So we went to The Grounds of Alexandria today for brunch. M did a poop- which is usual. Attempted to change her in the toilet but there was a line… So I went to the toilets outside The Grounds cafe which was at the Stables. The change table ended up being for someone the height of Gandalf. As I peeled open M’s diaper, it didn’t look like she pooped much from the front. Ok whatever, I pulled off the diaper, cleaned her up, popped on a new one…but then it became clear that her poop had actually went up on the back, OUT of her diaper instead & all over the inside of her singlet & was on her back, which meant I had to change her entire outfit. And you can imagine, since it’s winter, she had stacks of clothes on *face palm. It was hard enough for me to change her diaper in the toilet- picture me on my tippy toes having to change a wriggly, hyper child. Changing her clothes in there…NOT happening. Worst thing was, G can’t help me because the change table was inside the womens toilet. Whoever designed the the place was so brilliant, but so dumb in accommodating parents! You’d think they will put more thought since there were so many families with young kids there- they advertise as being family friendly, and for goodness sake, they have a bloody farm to attract children with friggin cute farm animals & shit. So I went back out into the gardens which was soaking wet everywhere since it was raining, just went into one of the areas where it’s sheltered & just proceeded to change M there. So there we were, at the outdoor cafe section, with a butt naked baby wriggling about on the bench, in front of other hipsters who were most certainly horrified at what they saw & maybe went & got a vasectomy.

Some snaps from our trip :)

All smiles & being flirty

This was after the poop incident

M loves these! And so easy for travel!