I am a foundation girl. I like the full coverage a foundation brings & wear it almost everyday when I was working- however ever since my pregnancy & M’s birth, my hormones have been playing up so much. One day my skin would be awesome, and on another day, it’s all dry, patchy, flaky, red- you name it. Unfortunately we all know how bad foundation is for your skin, especially when worn for pro-longed periods! And when my skin is playing up & there is somewhere I have to be, I just feel so guilty when I slap on foundation (Thinking of the days when I used to wear make-up to sleep after partying haha) Enter BB creams. I’ve heard about BB creams since my teen years through my interest in Korean pop culture & cosmetics- it seems that every beauty website, youtuber and magazine I’ve been reading these days sings the praises of Korean skincare products, so I’ve been curious to revisit & try them. Basically, the BB Cream aka Beauty Balm, does what the foundation doesn’t. Not only do they provide coverage for skin imperfections, good BB Creams should be nourishing & have anti-oxidants, anti ageing ingredients and offer SPF…so you don’t feel too bad wearing ‘make-up’ the whole day. Talk about killing two birds with one stone right?

I decided to try out a couple of the BB creams ( and 1 CC Cream) I’ve had my eye on for a while:


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post! Besides the drawn on eyebrows, this is my skin without its glory- Dark circles, redness, patchy whites, scarring & uneven skintone. I also did not use any other make-up like concealer, blusher or lip colour beside the BB creams featured! (Click on link in bold to purchase online)

IOPE ‘Air Cushion XP’: Comes in a cute pearly white compact case with a black anti-absorption sponge for application. Unlike a compact foundation, you press the applicator sponge unto the BB Cream sponge where it will dispense a ‘wet’ dose of BB Cream. It doesn’t look like much on the applicator, but when you pat it on your face, there is substantial coverage which surprised me. Since the applicator is also anti-absorption, you’re not wasting away the product  like most other make-up brands! *thumbs up! Does smell a tiny bit funky though!

IMG_6999_副本 IMG_7002_副本IOPE

Etude House ‘Precious Mineral’ BB Cream: This has a face cream consistency- like those thin, watery ones, with just a slight tinge of colour. I like that it feels really moisturising when you put it on, very light weight but also very light coverage. You have to really layer it & rub it in to get substantial coverage.
IMG_7008_副本 IMG_7009_副本Etude

The Face Shop ‘Power Perfection BB Cream: This probably had the most coverage & thickest consistency compared to the others, but it really feels like I am applying foundation (does that defeat the purpose?) And because with BB Creams you are supposed to sorta rub the cream on your face – like applying moisturiser, that I was not comfortable doing that with this. After trying this on for a couple of days, it also kind of dried out my skin? Not really liking this one overall but for coverage is good. I think the colour choice was also off since I only had 2 to choose from the store (too fair) so it does look caked on as well. It made me look really white haha!

IMG_7011_副本 IMG_7014_副本 IMG_7015_副本Faceshop

Face It ‘Aura’ Color Control Cream: This compact comes with a small button inside & when you press, it squirts out a small amount of CC cream on to the palette for the applicator. The consistency & coverage is a lot more thicker than the typical BB cream. It is very similar to the Face Shop ‘Power Perfection BB Cream’ above. I like the compactness & the dispenser style of this CC Cream but not so much the sponge. They need a better sponge- it makes a difference!

IMG_7017_副本 IMG_7018_副本Face It

Verdict: I love the IOPE Air Cushion compact. Instead of feeling ‘caked-on’ with foundation, it provides a very light coverage which can be gradually built up & is beneficial for your skin at the same time. (I feel it!!) I only need to apply very little to get a nice coverage without looking too ‘done up’ while doing errands & such. It also gives a very natural finish. So just a recap from the least coverage to the most coverage. You can get this here.IMG_7020_副本_副本EtudeIOPEFace It Faceshop

Blooper: This shoot was difficult! I only had a certain amount of time & light to do it before I had to pick M from childcare. My skin was also getting pink & dry from wiping off the make-up to try on the next product with make-up remover wipes! And at the same time, my poor right eyebrow was getting ‘shorter’ & shorter by the minute as I was wiping off the make-up hah! The lighting in the room was tricky too since my sister & I did it with natural window light which didn’t help, because the one minute the sun was shining & next minute it was gloomy… so all the pictures do have slight colour change!