I spent most of my childhood & adolescence sharing a bedroom with my sister, and when I finally had my own, it came with mismatched furnitures from our previous residences. My parents weren’t really the interior decorator types- practicality & budget were the deciding factors in their choices, so it left no room (no pun intended) for me to live out my dream bedroom. Sure, I bought a couple of things on my own to try make it as comfortable & as me as possible, but even then my ideal bedroom is not…complete. Like most people on budgets, I just made do…for now. Here are a couple of beautiful bedroom inspirations I found on We Heart ItI am really digging the warm, thick snuggly, cosy type bedrooms with “drapey” curtains around the bedpost, maybe due to the cold weather as of late? :)

What are your dream bedrooms?large (6)I would not get out of this bed. Loving the big windows & on-floor-art.large (7)Feeling organic?large (8)Really digging this almost Tee-Pee-esque bedroom. So cosy!large (9) large (10) largeI wish I wasn’t so cluttery because that table would go broke!