When I was young, I always dreamt of cooking a beautiful meal in my equally beautiful kitchen for my family, husband & friends. Whilst that dream is still far from real- and the fact that I hardly cooked before Hello Fresh, here are some influences I’m adding to my kitchen inspiration board. Visualize & materialize people!

kitchen 1 (2)

(I’m really drawn to whites accompanied by rustic pieces like in this picture)kitchen 2(2)(Love this bricked wall idea & awesome stove!)kitchen 3(2)(I really like this ‘diner style’ table, so cozy! Imagine sitting here for breakfast)kitchen 4(2)(NOW THIS WOULD BE MY DREAM KITCHEN. The cabinetry is exactly what we wanted for ours)kitchen 5(2)

(This is similar also to what we want above)

What are your dream kitchens?

Happy weekend!