It’s always so rewarding when you are recommended a product & actually go home loving it. I was asked by my friends Deenya & Ellen from Skinship to pick a product from their new web based store. Skinship specialises in Korean beauty products not widely available here in Australia & the best thing is, all their products have been hand-picked & trialled by both founders. I chose Banila Co’s Clean It Zero because Ellen raved about it just before we were asked to pick. Besides make-up wipes, I haven’t had much great experience with make up removers- most are either soap based which dry out my skin or cream based which requires a couple of tries before actually removing all the make-up & grime (plus gives me pimples!). And even then, I see still ‘residue’ when I use a cotton pad to go over it again. With Clean It Zero, I only need a red kidney bean size amount for my entire face which comes in a sorbet-like consistency & melts upon application, massage it over to loosen the grime, then wipe it clean with a damp cotton pad. Alternatively, after application, I then spray my entire face with Avenes Thermal Spring Water & wipe it dry with cotton pads. The result leaves my skin feeling clean, dewy & most importantly, hydrated.

Check out their Webstore here & use my discount code: ellebambi4skinship to take 10% off the price!

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