I’ve always been one of those people who love the idea of having a whole matching set of skincare products, but never really bothered to look for one when I get the chance. But that day, because I specifically went to beauty store Mecca, I couldn’t help but notice Kate Somervilles skincare range & took a liking to its simple yet aesthetically pleasing packaging (don’t we always). After much deliberation (price vs popularity & positive review of product) I ended up choosing these 4 products that make up the staples of a basic skin care routine: the Detox Facial Cleanser, Clarifying Treatment Toner, Oil Free Moisturizer and finally the Anti Bac clearing lotion to treat the occasional acne problem.

IMG_5563_副本 IMG_5565_副本 IMG_5567_副本

IMG_5569_副本In the order of which I would first use them. This oil-free cleanser is incredibly easy to use especially in the shower. It does not have a cap, but a twist top instead. It comes in a clear yellow tinged liquid & feels moisturising when massaged unto wet face. So when I get out of the hot shower, my skin does not feel ‘parched’ as usual.


I would then use after cleansing. I love the functionality of this ‘dispenser’ style bottle. Instead of having to tip the bottle upside down unto a cotton pad, you just place the cotton pad over ‘dispenser’ & press down which will eject an amount of toner liquid so you don’t contaminate the rest of the toner inside. Most other toners I used make my skin feel taut and a bit sting-y, not this one though.


I would then finish off with the oil free moisturiser. With the same style dispenser. It isn’t the BEST moisturiser & after using this for over a week, have not yet seen direct WOW results,  but none the less quite pleasant to use in terms of functionality of bottle once again. The smell might put off some people though.

I only use this one occasionally. It is a concentrated lotion to help in eliminating & drying out acne areas. Again, have not seen immediate result of this product…I put it all over the breakouts I had on my chin & forehead (really tiny clusters of pimples) but I felt it didn’t really do much & if it takes a week to get rid of small pimples, then I’m not sure how long it will take for big pimples.