The past 2 weeks had been difficult. I felt like we were stuck in a haze of illness. The shift in temperature & weather conditions has got the cough, cold & flu coming in on us like a plague. At work, almost everyone sitting in close proximity to me was sick (we blame the cold AC!) Marlowe got sick, I got sick, my niece-in-law got sick, my mum-in-law got sick, and even G, who usually has an ‘invincible’ immune system, finally succumbed to a sinusitis/cold. At one point I was feeling so defeated, I questioned whether I could handle another day. And then just like that, it ended up being a lovely day. M, G & I felt better & we headed for the Melbourne zoo. Seeing M so happy meeting her favourite animals, beat all the meds I was taking.

I’d like to know whats better than medication for you? (That is not R-rated hah!)