After bookmarking tons of DIY inspirations from Pinterest & Youtube, this one has got to be my favourite. I made these for the champagne bottles at our wedding in 2014. Not only it is easy to make, it doesn’t require tremendous amount of skill, time or elements. The best thing is, the result looks absolutely stunning & make a great gift!

IMG_4839_副本IMG_4841_副本E+G -1099


Old paintbrush

White glue

Your choice of glitter

White masking tape

Your choice of wine/champagne/spirit bottle


1.Line your working table with newspaper

2. Tape around the labels of the bottle so you don’t get glue/glitter on them

3. Start small- using brush, paint over parts of bottle with glue

4. Then sprinkle glitter over it. Pat it gently with cloth or I used scrunched up newspaper & then shake bottle gently so loose glitter falls off.

5. Everynow & then, I scoop up the loose glitter on newspaper & reuse them

6.Once dry, you can recoat it again with a bit of glue & add more glitter.


p.s How about trying these Ombre glitter bottles too?