So, this February… especially this coming week, will be a totally busy one for us. We have our niece’s 2nd birthday to start off with, Valentines Day and THEN Chinese New Year weekend! Do you guys have anything planned or practice anything ‘traditional’ next week to hone in the New Dog Year? For us, Graham usually helps out at the family restaurant…so no ‘official‘ Valentines Day for us (this has been the case for a number of years now- totally normal lol) but for Chinese New Year, we normally celebrate with a CNY Eve dinner at the restaurant, complete with ‘Yee Sang‘. Then it’s off to the temples for some praying/blessings. I’m totally not a religious person per se- I mean I consider myself as a Buddhist, but I don’t go to the temples, pray, or restrict my diet in any way- unless of course when I need to lose weight (ha!), but I do appreciate & practice tradition to a certain extent. And I think having these Chinese traditions- FAITH, ties in to my religion in some ways.

Here are some of the stuff I’ve practised since I was a kid  (or TRY to do) before the New Year:

  1. Clean the house
  2. Cut/trim our hair
  3. Decorate in RED… can someone call Valentino?
  4. Go to the Temple

And then ON Chinese New Year:

  1. Make sure we don’t argue or fight (hopefully) because it meant that you will fight for the whole year.
  2. Put away all cleaning items & DON’T CLEAN because you are ‘cleaning/sweeping away luck’.
  3. Wear something new & preferably red because it’s prosperous. If you wear a Qipao, that will be so nice too! It’s awesome because Asians just look better in red IMO- unless you are drunk red ha! I have these cute QiPao dresses made for Marlowe & Penny and I can’t wait to see them wear it!
  4. Eat Yee-Sang or anything else considered “lucky
  5. Temple visit again
  6. Family/Friend visits

That’s all I can think of for now :) What are yours?