The transition in weather has got my skin suffering from dryness. I think the fault also lays with my habit of having hot showers, which only enlarged my pores even more & then dry out the skin (so addictive though!). Here are some of my favourite skin care products which have since helped tremendously.


Avene ‘Thermal Spring Water’: I use this straight after getting out of the shower on my face. Before I started using this product, my face would dry & feel ‘taut’ after a hot shower. Since then, I felt that this help minimise my pores which have opened up from the hot water/steam. I used to use this after a workout at the gym too (yonks ago by the way before I stopped my membership hehe) Available at most drugstores.


Laneige ‘Water Sleeping Pack‘: A while ago, I used this product from Chanel which was amazing. But it was too pricey for me to continuously commit to purchasing- especially at the liberal rate that G & I were using it on our faces. Enter Laneige Water Sleeping pack. It has the same consistency, dries quickly after application & you feel less guilty lathering it on. I usually use this before bed, especially after a hard night out. It really feels my face is thanking me for feeding it some water, so the next day it feels soft, dewy & hydrating.


Estee Lauder ‘Advanced Night Repair’ serum: I know I’m a bit late on this party. I’d read about this product for years & have heard friends/bloggers rave about it for a while  (it pretty much tops the best serum list consistently), but always flinch at the hefty price tag. I finally made the move & realised it does compensate. I had a small sample given to me & after slapping it on ever so gently (got to save every drop you know) the next day results were impressive. I pair it with my usual moisturiser or the above & I wake up with a fresh, radiant, even textured face. And I’m not overstating that – I can actually tell the difference between a morning after a night of Advanced Night Repair & a morning after a night without. The redness around my cheeks has subsided & I look….well rested- which is almost always a TOTAL lie.


What are you favourite beauty products?