With the pregnancy progressing more heavily than ever, I’ve broken out with small acne around my forehead again. My skin usually feels so parched and if it’s not, it feels dirty & grimey after a long day of work. These are the current drugstore goodies from Chemist Warehouse I’m trying out.


I originally bought this for G but ended up using it for myself. I like the cooling effect it has on my face after a hot shower (yay! Pores minimising!) & I have noticed some reduction in my acne problem as of late. I currently use this twice a week. The mask is thick white & does not dry, so be careful of your clothing or pillows when having this on. It nice to have when you want to have a mini spa at home with cucumbers over your eyes hehe.IMG_6119

I don’t like the Neutrogena moisturizer on the left. It says oil-free but feels quite the contrary. Everytime I put make up over it, I’d find my trusty Stila waterproof eyeliner smudged. It just feels ‘heavy’ on. Not a fan. The Nivea moisturizer on the right is a little blessing. I’ve been using this for a while now & everytime I try a new moisturizer, I still come running back to this one. When my skin feels so parched, this is the perfect antidote. Great for the hands as well. With such an affordable price of under $10, not a bad spend! The first time I used this, was a trip to Malaysia when I had a really bad case of eczema (actually up to this date, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was!). I didn’t have a chance to book in & see a dermatologist during my short trip! But my skin was sooo dry, it was actually flaking all around my cheek & mouth area. I bought all these moisturisers & nothing helped but the Nivea cream pictured here.


I really don’t like cream washes or scrubs. I’m not convinced it washes everything off like all my make-up & grime. So I stick to foam face washes or scrubs like the St.Ives one on the right, which I use weekly. So in this case, I’m not so much into the Nivea cream wash on the face, unless my skin is feeling terribly dry that day. If I do use the St.Ives one, I’d make sure I lather on heaps of moisturiser right after like the Nivea Soft moisturising cream above.

What are your drugstore essentials? Any recommendations?