We finally had our family photoshoot in our new home & boy was it a long day. We scheduled a session with Wei Wei– our wedding photographer whom we adore & in the recent years we have considered as one of our own. If there’s anyone G & I would be comfortable with, it’s her. Everytime we planned to meet, our arrangements always fell through- the last time we were meant to meet at Chesterfield Farm for our family shoot, but M ended up having hand, foot & mouth disease. I guess this ‘overdue’ shoot worked out well as we had moved out since then & what could be a better place for a ‘family’ shoot than in the comfort of your own home right? 

Anyway, fearing for another missed opportunity, I had planned for this shoot weeks in advance. I had envisioned a smooth start to the day, matching outfits, beautiful hair….the works. It was GOING to be foolproof. You know those days that follow Murphys Law? Well that day was one of those days. A previous night gathering with friends at home led to a super late bedtime for me. Just as I was finally tucked in bed all cosy, M woke up crying hysterically & was restless for the next couple of hours. With only having slept less than 5 hours, I felt like I was in a horror movie- hungover. Hair was flat & eyebags to the floor. M wrestled every nappy change (we wrestled like a farmer wrestling a pig) & whinged/cried/hissyfitted her way for everything. Being in the midst of teething, she has been in a ridiculously irritable mood for the past couple of days & out of all days, she had to have a meltdown that day. She then had a shorter-than-planned afternoon nap, which threw my plans to tidy up the house & get ready. Once she woke, she was still being a nasty B****, refused her lunch & threw her food around in a hissy-diva fit. Looking at the mess around the house, with little time to get everything ‘photo’ ready, I felt so defeated inside & literally almost called off the shoot.

Despite the day being total comedy of errors, it unfolded into a beautiful, fun day. M took an instant liking to Weiwei which made it easy for her to get the shots she needed. M stopped having a meltdown and was suddenly as soft, playful & sweet as the ‘Marsh-Marlowe’ we knew. We had a beautiful sunny day that flooded the rooms with that perfect light. I realized fighting so hard to be ‘impeccable’ is not only stupid, ridiculous & impossible… but it just makes it not perfect- if you know what I mean? I lost sight of what was important. We ended up having a great time despite the snafus and the photographs from that day provide a better memory than I could have ever hoped for. Will share photos with you soon!

And oh! Happy Mothers Day!! 

(some behind-the-scenes shots)