So, we are just recovering from a tiring & bad week. M is getting better each day- at one point she had fever that wasn’t going down & because she was crying & screaming in so much pain in the middle of the night, we rang 13sick & got a GP to come. He came almost 3 hours later (About 4:40AM) and we awoke abruptly to his furious knocking. :/ Anywho, he confirmed she’s got a bad ear infection & we are banned from swimming for 2 weeks. 

And then the next day, as I undressed her for a bath, I noticed she had broken out in rashes over her entire body. So again we rushed her to the GP & thankfully it wasn’t anything bad. On top of that, she’s having her 1st molars coming through, so she didn’t have the appetite that we are usually proud of. She was constantly irritable & usually throws the biggest temper tantrums  if she doesn’t get her way. These photos that I received from Wei Wei (our wedding photographer) was a real ‘refresher’ for both G & I. It was like a reset button for us & captured the bright moments from our week. M is slowly becoming as cheerful as these pictures again & regaining her appetite. Her vocabulary is constantly growing- her new word is “mooree!” 


Marlowes skirt is from Rock your Kid

My jumpsuit is from Evan & Evina

Photographer: Wei Wei