Most people have heard at least 1 or 2 old wives tales regarding a baby’s sex. Whether it’s the way you carry (i.e. high means girl, low means boy) or trying to decipher cravings (my mom-in-law said if I eat sweets, it’s an indication it’s a girl & savoury for boy) I had little idea of how many theories there were to guessing a baby’s sex until I Googled it just for fun. Currently, we have a strong feeling we are having a girl. Of course, I’m also a strong believer in science. But, I thought it would be fun to test these time-honoured tales to see if it is truly fiction or fact anyway. Here goes:

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Test#1: Beating heart.

According to the wives tales, if your baby’s heartbeat is more than 140+ per minute, it’s a girl, and lower means a boy.

During my ultrasounds, the heartbeats measured at 160 per minute.

Result: Girl


Test #2: Breakouts or no breakouts.

I had 2 different variations of the story for this. If your skin have acne breakout it’s a boy & if you don’t it’s a girl. But another version stated the other way around because if your baby is a girl, it’s ‘sucking’ out your beauty, so it’s a girl. The third version is, if you are still into putting on cosmetics (or if you are generally into your looks), it’s a girl. If you become lazy, it’s a boy.

I have more breakouts than I did before, and I still can’t leave the house without cosmetics.

Result: Girl?


Test #3: Food & Cravings

My sister who has 2 kids told me, if you eat more meat, it’s a boy. If more veggies, it’s a girl. My mom-in-law said if I crave more sweets, it’s a girl & savoury for boy.

I’ve been obsessed with sweets & desserts since forever (hello Nutella), so there’s nothing new there. But then again I’m really into savoury, spicy food as well (hello Szechuan dishes) Oh and also, I’m hardcore meat lover.

Result: Undecided

Test #4: The Ring Test.

Tie your wedding band on your husbands hair & hang it on top of your belly. If it swings back & forth, it’s a boy, if in circular motion, it’s a girl.

It swung back & forth.

Result: Boy

Test #5: Morning sickness

If you are constantly sick, means it’s a girl, if little or no morning sickness, it’s a boy.

I haven’t had any severe morning sickness or vomiting in the first trimester

Result: Boy


Test#6: High or Low

If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl, if low, it’s a boy. Another variation is, if your belly protrudes outward, it’s a boy, it’s sideways, it’s a girl.

Well, since the baby starts growing near your pelvis, it will always jut out low first. I guess it will still take time until I can determine if it is really high or low, but for now it’s starting low.

Result: Boy

Overall result:

Girl: 2

Boy: 3

I’ll find out the results end of this month…but until then, I’d love to know if these tests have rung true for you moms or moms-to-be out there?