Halloween is around the corner & I thought I’d share with you how I made some of my wounds when I had a Halloween themed Birthday at Mistys Diner a couple of years back. I followed this video for a basic idea & the rest I just made do with what I had at home.


Cotton balls, cotton pads (which you can rip apart & use the fluffy bits) or tissue- the softer the better

Liquid latex, or in my case, I used fake lash glue

Red lipstick, purple/blue eyeshadow, eyeliner


Fake blood- the thicker, darker, gooey-er the better
First, I pull apart small pieces of cotton into fluff & roll it between my fingers to make an outline of the wound. In picture, I made into a circle for a bullet wound & I glued this down using a bit of fake lash glue. When the glue dried, I patted foundation over it to make it blend in.
I wasn’t a fan of this one, but maybe because the tissue I had was a ‘stiffer’ type so it looked kind of fake. In this one, I pulled apart the tissue (layer by layer), used liquid latex over my skin, I layered the tissue between more liquid latex & more layers of tissue. (So, liquid latex, tissue, then liquid latex, then tissue so on…) Once it dried, I patted foundation over it & then cut it open in the middle. If you’re not sure what I’m saying, this was the video that taught me how.
IMG_8248 IMG_8250IMG_8251

All I did was, fill in the hole with a bit of black liquid eyeliner, then put the blood over it. I used a bit of cheapo white face paint which I got from the $2 shop to dot the top of the bullet wound hole but this is optional. For the cut, I noticed if I randomly drew a pattern inside the cut with my liquid eyeliner, once you put the blood over it, it looks more realistic- like muscle. I then used a bit of purple/blue eyeshadow around the wound to make it look more bruised & raw. You can fill in the cuts with red liptstick as well if you don’t want to put fake blood.

IMG_8294 IMG_8345IMG_8342
After testing it out, this is what I did on my face. I made a cut on my cheek with cotton instead of the tissue paper, a bullet wound on my forehead & then a blood nose. I went as Claire, the ‘indestructible’ cheerleader from the TV series Heroes. The car ride was fun, since so many other motorists at the traffic light was super shocked to see a heavily wounded girl in the passenger seat (they could not see my costume obviously)

IMG_8432 IMG_8431Sorry for the bad quality photo guys! These were all taken using my iPhone 4 at the time :) Hope you enjoy & have a Happy Halloween!!