Untitled design

So my favourite holiday is coming soon- which sadly is not hugely celebrated here down under (besides the clubs) If you are attending a said event & need some inspiration, but don’t want to go with the ‘usual’ costumes, here are my 2016 inspirations.

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction: White oversized shirt, black bralet, black pants, bob wig (optional), fake blood & fake syringe. Pretty easy to pull off


Harley Quinn from DC Comics: Blonde wig (unless you are already blonde) super white make up, baseball bat, shorts, some punk rock accessories…again, pretty easy look to pull off.


Alien: I would personally go as this if it was actually safe for me to go clubbing this late in pregnancy


Carrie: OK this is by far the easiest costume, but maybe the stickiest messiest.


Wednesday: Super easy for us Asians (& brunettes) And if you don’t want to rock around a skanky outfit.