Instead of being excited for Valentines Day tomorrow & looking forward to a gift from the hubby  (which I most likely won’t get ha!) I am more occupied with “decor house” stuff. Yes!! We are going to move out in like….2 weeks?!! (oh please God not any longer!) The thought of being so close to moving out has got me so giddy- to finally move out after 30 years into our own little home, I just don’t even know where to start! We have already purchased 90% of the furniture & appliances, now it’s all the pretty decor items woo!! (my favourite part)  For the purpose of this blog, I’m not going to post up pics of mops & brooms…here’s a little something of I’ve been dreaming of…which hopefully gives you some inspiration of housewarming gifts too! I’d love to know what was your best housewarming gift or what you have gifted someone else?


Clockwise from top: Lovestar vase, Gold Palm Catch-All Tray, Ellie Ellie pillowcases, Champagne bucket, Silk pillowcase, Marble candle, Nespresso machines, Fruit Basket, Giant Knit Blanket