*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This was a fully paid service from my own pocket & an honest review.

Yes, I got my brows tattooed. And yes, I’m really glad I did. If you know me well, you’d know that I hardly have any eyebrows- And I hate it. I’ve been hating it since I realised I was supposed to have eyebrows. I think any photo pre-dating 2004 will show you that I look either surprised or expressionless all the time, because back when camera flashes were inevitable, it literally just wiped out whatever was left of my supposed brows. After regretting my Year 10 prom photos, (which was way before Cara Delevigne was born made thick brows a trend), I slowly improved my make-up skills & always made drawing my eyebrows, an imperative step in my beauty routine. Forward 12 years later…you can imagine how tiring this routine has become, especially now that I have a baby whinging in the background. SO, after much contemplating, I finally decided to have my brows ‘feathered’ tattooed. It can also be known as eyebrow ’embroidery’ because, instead of the traditional tattoo of buzzing machinery with needles pricking you a hundred times per second, it’s using a tool that looks like a microscopic scalpel & creating stroke like effect similar to an embroidery! Not to get confused with the horrid green/dark blue tattoos older Asian women (like my mum) had, nowadays feathered brows don’t look like that anymore, and neither does it fade to that colour. First of all, the colour isn’t as bold as those traditional tattoos, as the ink does not go as deep into the skin. It’s a manual technique using a microblade to create strokes on the dermis of the brows & then infusing it with ink so that it mimics the ‘growth’ of your brow hair which also makes it look 3D. Secondly, feathered brow tattoos are semi permanent- they typically can last up to a year depending on your skin type & how you maintain it. More info here.
I got my brows done at Vivid Lash & Brows by Maree- you can check her website here, Instagram here & Facebook page here. The actual ‘blading’ part of the procedure only took about 45 minutes, however adding the consultation, drawing the designs of the eyebrow & waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, added to a total of 3 hours. Going to my appointment, I made sure I drew my eyebrows as I normally would’ve, so that Maree can have an idea of the shape & boldness of the ideal eyebrows I like. After signing & initialising a couple of forms, Maree sat down with me & went through each point in the form- and of course, answered all questions I had about the procedure. She was SUPER nice & SUPER funny, so there was no awkwardness between us. And because she is SO approachable, she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about asking any ‘silly’ questions. (No such thing right?) After explaining carefully about the procedure & the after-care etc, she wiped off my eyebrow make-up & started to outline the design of my soon-to-be new brows. She used this make-up ruler which sticks to your forehead & measured each side whilst stenciling it in with a marker, taking care that they are both symmetrical in length & width. During the entire process, she also shows you what stage she’s at with the procedure so that there are no surprises. After numbing cream was applied, we chose the best colour which suit my skin tone & also hair colour. After 20 minutes of waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, the tattooing finally took place. It didn’t feel painful at all for the first 5 minutes, but at most , the pain felt like your eyebrows being plucked gently- but at the same spot. My pain tolerance is super low (Maree called me Chicken ha!)- coming from someone who had given birth & have body tats, so if you are good with handling pain, this should be nothing at all.

After the tattooing, my brows felt a little tender & swollen, but I love the end result. Maree warned me about the scabbing & that the brows will be very dark the first few days, but once the scab falls off, it will leave a lighter natural colour. To be honest, I really didn’t mind the boldness of the scabbing because I like my brows dark :) Anyway, I can’t wait until the full healed results & enhancing it more on my 6th week touch up. For now I am saying bye bye to: crappy eyebrow pencils, spending more time doing my eyebrows than my entire make-up, getting mistaken for being ‘sick’ when you have no make-up on because you have no brows, going crazy looking for a pencil sharpener- then when finally getting to use it, get mentally f*cked for having a broken pencil tip stuck in the sharpener. I am not missing the days where I realise in embarrassment that I spent half the day with half-eyebrows (because I accidentally rubbed off the tail of one my brows), or days when I panicked, realising I left the eyebrow pencils/palette at home.


Before the procedure. Eyebrows drawn to how I like.

I totally look like a canteen lady with monobrows lol but this is the ruler thing I was telling you about.

The numbing cream taking effect. Also,on my forehead are different ink colours before we decided on mine.


This was after the microblading where Maree then puts the ink on so it seeps into the dermis.


An hour after the procedure. Tender & pink.img_5846

A day after procedure.  Eyebrows were starting to scab. I love how dark it is!! So not used to waking up with eyebrows! I already look 90% better ha! The 3rd day after tattoo.img_5848-2 img_5850-2 img_5849-2

To be continued! Will update after 6 week touch up!