I want to share the items I’d be bringing to the hospital which I’m hoping will get me through labour- if not gracefully, then at least comfortably. (I know what you’re thinking- I must be joking right? Labour? Comfortable? Pffttt!) Anyway, I’ve narrowed down to these items after seeking much advise from family, friends & the trusty ol’ internet (Youtube, forums, hospital websites etc) I’d also really like to know from you moms (or dads) out there, what you wished you brought & what you wished you didn’t. Just so you know, I’d be birthing at a Public Hospital (I was told I’d be staying about 2 nights), so what I packed may be slightly different to yours. I haven’t packed any snacks yet, but I’ve set myself to get everything ready by 36 weeks.

Legal Stuff:

  1. Medicare & healthcare card
  2. Drivers license
  3. The Maternity record book given by my hospital. It also contains my birth plan.


Basic Toiletries:

  1. Toothbrush & small toothpaste
  2. Baby wipes for wiping myself (hospital provides these for the babies) & Anti Bac wipes in small satchet to wipe random stuff – like hands after loo trip, or the toilet seat cover etc.
  3. Hairbrush, Hairtie
  4. Maternity pads (just a small pack in case hospital doesn’t give me enough or they give me a crappy one)
  5. Nipple cream, Paw Paw & Nipple shield (they’re kept in that yellow round case above!)
  6. Basic make-up for discharge/visitors coming



  1. Old nightie dress for birthing & hanging about until then
  2. Loose trackies
  3. Pyjamas that have buttons at the front for easy breastfeeding, skin to skin contact etc
  4. Light cotton bathrobe to lounge around in
  5. Socks- both thick comfy ones for labour & anklets for after
  6. Slippers (yep, again those free hotel ones that I bring home) I can just throw them away when I leave the hospital
  7. Underwear I’m ok to part ways with if I bleed too much- or you can buy disposable undies (Those above are only $3 for a pack!!)
  8. Maternity bras
  9. Discharge outfit- most likely a really comfortable loose dress


  1. Hydralyte water
  2. Iron tablets for loss of blood
  3. Chewy snacks like sour worms or gummy bears


For Baby:

  1. 2 x simple bodysuits which are short sleeved since it’s summer (If she doesn’t use these, then these will be her discharge clothes)
  2. 1 x cardigan
  3. 1 x swaddle/blankie (thin)/muslin wrap
  4. Mittens & Socks

Won’t bother with:

  1. Because it’s public hospital, I will most likely be staying for only 2-3 nights. So, I won’t waste my bag space bringing shampoo, soap & my loofah etc. After much research, the hospital do provide basic toiletries. (If they don’t I’ll just tell G to bring those tiny bottle sample ones you get from hotels- yep I’m that hoarder)
  2. Towel- Take up too much space in bag & I’m sure hospital will have these
  3. Pillow- Really cannot be bothered lugging this around
  4. Books/Magazine- yo all I need is my iPhone to entertain myself. I will most likely be resting after anyway, listening to music or taking selfies lol- & pre-labour, I’d be too pre-occupied to sit & focus on a book.