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(Mia Le, founder of LMA Lashes!)

Just a couple of weeks ago, I made a post about three awesome LMA lashes that I received- the Blink, Miranda & Mia. Here is a closer look to these beauties & a short questionnaire with my lovely friend Mia who is also the founder of these ‘mink’ hair lashies! Seriously, doesn’t she actually look ‘lovely’ & so so cute in that photo or what?!!

E: What made you start LMA Lashes?

M: I have always been a self-proclaimed make up junkie. I have more make up than I need to use! Being in the make-up industry for so long, I have tried so many brands of lashes, there are some I love and some I don’t. I love the lightweight, soft and natural finish which I have found in mink lashes. The strand length and curl levels also makes a huge difference. There are great brands out there that would charge an arm and a leg for a beautiful set of mink lashes, that’s why I wanted to create and offer an affordable range that is readily accessible without comprising on quality. Once you have tried LMA lashes you will love them and feel the difference!

E: Real Mink Hair?! Please explain.

M: Lashes created from real mink hair gives more of the natural lush look in comparison to synthetic fibres. They are also very lightweight which makes the lashes so comfortable to wear all day! Being an animal lover, I made sure these were animal cruelty free, meaning no minks were harmed in the process of collecting these hair. I also had to ensure it was ‘certified’ by local authorities that no harm were made to the animals. The mink hair is collected during shedding season and sterilized at high temperatures to ensure safe usage.

E : Are they re-usable?

M: Yes they are! I would recommend 3 times. I generally like to replace them when I can’t remove the glue from the previous use. It is always so nice to have new fresh lashes. You can keep them in the storage box in cool room to keep them a little longer!

E: Since you are also a Make-Up Artist, what are your tips for pulling off the perfect LMA Lashes?


• Always line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner

• Use same colour eye liner in liquid form to go over the strip line of the LMA lashes

• Trim the lashes from the strip to match the length of your eyelid so it is not uncomfortable to wear or look un-natural

• Apply lash glue on the strip line and give it a little bend (inward) and 10 seconds before applying onto your eyelids

• No mascara required. These are real hair ladies!

E: What is your favorite style?

M: I am loving the LUSH range at the moment, it just makes my eyes look so dreamy. I thought it was too much for everyday wear but I’m used to it now. I wear them out to brunch and shopping too.

Thank you so much Mia for allowing me this opportunity to try these on! As a valued reader of Elle Bambi Diaries, you guys get 20% off LMA lashes on your total order! Just use the code “ELLE20”! Offer valid until end of August! Click here to buy now!