I love wearing false lashes because I practically don’t have any lashes ( and eyebrows!) They are a great & simple way to make my eyes pop without the discomforts of lash extensions, or without something as overt as say, a winged liner or smokey eye.  They add just a bit of drama & volume, and I always find myself exuding a different kind of energy & confidence when I have them on, so they are part of my beauty ritual  (and essential) on special occasions. Once you are done with wearing them, you can simply take them off & reuse. Enter La Mia Artistry lashes made by cruelty free real Mink hair! Yes MINK hair. LMA lashes are the brain child of my adorable friend Mia & she was so kind to let me try 3 different styles: Blink, Miranda & of course the Mia. Here are the looks & my favourite:


See what I mean by I literally have super short no lashes?


Mia: These have dense but staggered long lengths that make my eyes really pop from sideways & when looking downward. They are real statement lashes that reminds me of the swinging 60s. Wear this if you are after a full fanned out effect. Great eye-catcher! (No pun intended)

I’d wear them on: Glam Girls Night Out! Partying/Clubbing


Blink: Blink have shorter hairs in the inner corners & extend longer towards the end. They don’t have that dramatic frontal view like the Mia. I like that they look natural but still flirty thanks to the subtle, winged out ends – Subtle enough to wear out everyday, or for that nice romantic occasion or when transitioning to an after work function.

I’d wear them on: Wedding Day or as a guest/bridesmaids, Date Night Dinners, After Work Drinks


Miranda: Unlike the SATC character, the Miranda is nothing short of ‘stand out’. These are also dense, but wispier & slightly shorter compared to the Mia. They add volume to your lashes for a pop but not too much that you look like a drag queen.

I’d wear them on: Photo shoots, concerts or simply a casual day out with that added ‘oomph’ to your usual make-up routine!

My Fave: The Miranda! It’s dense but not overly dramatic. I just feel so complete with it on, even with minimal make-up. It does look pretty intimidating from the box , but once once it is on, it’s the right amount of volume for me & doesn’t look stupidly long. I instantly feel so much dressier with the way I look & adds an oomph to my tired make-up routine. I’ve been wearing the Miranda all weekend!

IMG_6825IMG_6816 IMG_6820IMG_6822IMG_6591

You can get your hands on these lashes here & check out Mia’s website on her banner on the right!