(Pompoms are from Etsy & Giant paper fans from Poppies for Grace)
(These beautiful watercolour balloons are from Etsy)
(The beautiful royal icing cookies with gold leaf is made by Bich from Le Catering & Co.)
IMG_0323_副本(M’s beautiful cake is made by A.T Bakes & yes! That is a gold donut you guys!)

(We asked guests to take a polaroid photo & write a message in M’s book so she can read it when she grows up. Also our guests were asked to write on M’s nappies, so we can be entertained during her diaper changes)

This coming Friday will be my 37th week into pregnancy. That made it just a little over 9 months. I always thought pregnancy was going to be exactly 9 months- I was a little deflated once I realized pregnancy was longer than I had expected- more like 10. In case you are noob like me, your pregnancy is only considered ‘full term’ at 37 weeks onwards & ‘overdue’ when you are past 41-42 weeks (your placenta starts deteriorating) & you will need to be induced to get the little one to come out. It felt almost like yesterday when we celebrated M’s baby shower above. Yes! We have revealed her name to those who have attended, but for those of you who don’t know yet… well I’ll reveal it when she’s born :)

M is now in a downward anterior position which is thumbs up! Hope she stays that way. She’s been very active- kicking me all sorts of way. My app tells me she is about the length of a large cos lettuce. Sometimes my stomach look like a very round melon, to a very dinted playdough. I’ve been experiencing an increase in stitch like cramps & tightness around my tummy. Sleep is getting a bit harder since I go to the loo at 3AM in the morning & then become nocturnal- you might see me liking Facebook pics at 3-4AM in the morning! Last Sunday, G & I attended an Antenatal Class at our hospital which started from 9AM till 3:30PM. It was exhausting but coming out of it made me so much more confident.

Lately, I have this panicky feeling at the back of my mind- that I won’t make it to our given due date, which is New Years day, so even though I am into my first week of maternity leave, I haven’t skipped a beat. I still wake up the same time as usual & go about my errands to get everything ready before my labour. Call it nesting if you want. I am so SO nervous you guys… I just pray everyday that she will be born healthy & perfect. Wish me luck! x