It is that ‘Ugh’ season when people fall sick like dominoes. I’m going through that stage where your throat gets all inflamed & it hurts when you swallow food. Then you’d wake up the next day with the worst sinus-y migraine (if there is such a thing) M had the sniffles& cough too which broke my heart. Also, my hair is falling out in clumps! I mean, CLUMPS. I would so show you a picture but then you might be scared of spiders & cat fur balls after. Actually, Graham said I shed more than our cat Samson… Oops. So after an eventful Mother’s Day, the week after was filled with lunch play dates & the usual routine of weekly swimming & attending a MOPs discussion about Sex. Yes, SEX! Then off to Bridesmaids duties for my best fwen. Marlowe’s cousin Penelope also just celebrated her 100 days! It was a fun/ funny & eventful week. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to our first ever little family road trip to Daylesford & Sydney! Can’t wait :)

Hoping you all have a very great week.

IMG_6537_副本Rolls for DaysIMG_6570_副本Flowers to brighten up my room- Baby headband from Fancy Free Finery
IMG_6578_副本My little BuddhaIMG_6831_副本My sweet Mother’s Day gifts – which I haven’t even had the chance to use!

img_3972I cut my hair which felt so good. Need to do something with the yucky brassy & copper ends though! Thinking of doing a blog post review on this Shampoo I’ve been recommended to use! Coming soon! By the way, I’m using the Blink eyelashes from LMA lashes here!