IMG_6994 IMG_6982IMG_6984[Outfit: Marlowes crochet bonnet, dress & collar are from Handmade for Babe]

Dear me, my baby is already 6 months old! We have been a bit absent recently because both of us were battling a cold & cough. It’s so draining because it takes a while to heal- especially when babies can’t expel their snot & phlegm! And the sinus & migraine is seriously affecting my ‘organisational’ skills haha. Nah seriously though, it’s bad enough when your baby is sick, but when you are sick too, you just can’t focus! Slowly but surely we are on the mend. I took her to her weekly swimming today & strangely, it felt like a big accomplishment for us, since we have been cooped up at home the whole time! Otherwise, I feel sorry for M- she must be bored out of her mind! And next week, will start at her next level (fancy) swim classes at Kingswim. My mom is also back from Jakarta, so I have some help & can HOPEFULLY have some 1 on 1 time with hubby, like going to the movies or something. Sigh~ the simple things I used to take for granted. Anyway, so much is coming up in the next month which I’m so excited for! My sis, bro-in-law & my niece & nephew are coming down from Jakarta for a month holiday…and we are taking them to Mt Buller for a short snow trip! Besides the beautiful house we hired, I also can’t wait for M to experience her first snow! Please dear lawwwwddd let it Snow!!!! I already got her 2 snowsuits which just arrived in the mail. They are humongous though but oh well~ I hope I can even squeeze in a little bit of snowboarding! Need new bindings though since mine were squashed from 2 years ago (they fell off the ski rack while on a moving car & was crumpled by the van behind us!) Then M will start her Gymbaroo lessons which is making me so excited. I’ve got a girls trip to (secret) end of this month as well…omg I can’t wait to sleep in for once!!!!! Good luck with M hubby!! Also the BB cream blogpost is coming soon guys! I just didn’t have the time & energy to edit the photos the past week or so! Anyway, hope you all have a really good week!