Wow what a week! It felt like work was non-stop and for the first time, I had wished there were longer working hours in the day, just so I could get things done. Last weekend was a well-rested one since we had a Labour Day Monday & I can’t wait for tomorrow- my first personal training session. I also have a new camera (Canon 100D +50mm lens) that I have been playing around with & I could not be happier with the results- though I still have much to learn (any tips?). Besides, that, I’m sure you have noticed the obvious….my new blog is finally up!! What do you think? Have a great weekend guys! x


[A new favourite Rose drink- from BradAngelina recycled into a vase-Miraval Cotes de Provence]

[Hanoi Spring Rolls- almost a weekly ritual now at IndoChine]

[Pie to Die for- Pie in the Sky]

[Self-Portrait with the new camera..testing testing 123]