Apologies for the pause in blogging! The cable charger to my laptop finally fried so I had to wait until the weekend to purchase a new one (oh the drama!). These past 2 weeks were spent trying Hello Fresh which was surprisingly pleasant (use my code & get $35 off!). I have never looked forward to cooking after coming home from work so much. I had an delirious time at a ‘Girls Only’ house-warming which produced a lethal hangover the next day, and my friend took me to a cute little hole-in-wall Japanese bar called Robot last Friday. Looking forward to this coming weekend where I’ll be attending a friends wedding at the Royce Hotel. IMG_9974.JPG

(Always up for a beer or 2 at Naked with Satan) IMG_9973.JPG

(Flowers galore, to decorate my phone album)  IMG_9972.JPG(Literally my weekend uniform- Boyfriend Jeans & a Tee with the odd Leather Jacket or so)   IMG_9970.JPG (Fun times at XO studios)IMG_9969.JPG(Wishing every second day is Sister day)