Sorry for the lack of updates & posts. So many things have happened as of late, most of them being very good- I’ll share in the next coming weeks. Started catching up with family & friends lately over dinner dates which included our first time at Vue de Monde, scrumptious dumpling haven at Hutong, warming up the cold winter night at Shyun Ramen bar & going to a double date at Lion King the musical this Wednesday.

Here are some of the things making me happy this week :)

IMG_5533_副本Love that winter is when the Citrus trees start blooming. It’s beautiful to see some pops of colour against this dreary season.


Love this Asilio coat which has kept me so warm in winter- and seeked much compliments from strangers.IMG_5558_副本This guy has been so lovey dovey lately.IMG_5560_副本This is a re-invention of instant packet noodles- super gourmet isn’t it :)
IMG_5596_副本My favourite editorial from Elle magazine- a compilation of “Love Notes”