The beautiful weather this past weekend truly signified the end of Winter & also the impending due date of major changes to come. While I’m not particularly looking forward to the hectic days, I also anticipate some of the upcoming events to come. We will be attending the Hophaus Inaugral Dachsunds race with Oscar this coming Saturday, a belated Fathers Day celebration at the Yarraville Gardens on Sunday (just like last year here), a close friends wedding in October at beautiful Tatra (G’s groomsmen) and our baby shower in November!

Here’s just some things I’ve been doing lately…

Currently listening to : Pandora- Tiinashe station

Currently watching on Youtube: Troy (the Magician)

Last watched new movie: Southpaw (Bawled my eyes out)

Hating on: Fear of the Walking Dead series (I hate the lack of ‘reactions’ of the character-especially the mom, though the main young guy is a really good actor & the sis is a babe)

Loving: Empire series (Can’t wait for Season 2)

Interested in watching: iZombie (thoughts?)

Currently living in: Pyjama tops & Trackies

Gorging on: Coles Choc Chip cookies

Last shopping haul: ZARA & random baby stuff from Lyall

IMG_5905_副本[Blooms from different gardens on our Sunday morning walk around my neighbourhood]IMG_5906_副本 IMG_5907_副本 IMG_5908_副本 IMG_5909_副本 IMG_5910_副本 IMG_5913_副本 IMG_5914_副本 IMG_5915_副本[Ice chocolate weather coming up]
IMG_5919_副本[Seed baby wear & our Pink & Gold themed baby shower- invitations from Vistaprint]