On Saturday past, I decided to make a red velvet cake for G- something I had never done before. With new equipment at the ready, I enthusiastically made the cake, following the recipe & instructions to a T. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as expected & I was left panicked, sad & disappointed. Rather than mulling over the failure, I quickly picked up pieces of the broken cake & turned it into a ‘Cake in a Jar‘ dessert. Whilst some days & weeks could be full of lemons for us all- Like when a couple of things I would like to do or have for my wedding didn’t materialize, or when certain plans fell through, or when you tell someone your vision, just for them to shut it down- remember to take a lesson from this broken red velvet cake- that you can still make the best out of an unfortunate event, and make lemonade from the lemons. Suffice to say, my ‘Cake in Jar’ turned out popular.
Hoping you all have a great week.


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