A friend recently asked me what I wanted to achieve with my blog – I guess, he meant monetarily. The thing is, for the past 8 years of my life, I’ve found that the best way to deal with the words that swirl inside my head & have my mind ticking every night, is to express them via my blog. Blogging had become my hobby & at times, my lifesaver- my form of ‘meditation‘ for some sanity. Once they are out of my head and published with some pretty pictures, something in me changes- I feel relieved & stress free. I don’t want to start disliking my hobby if it’s going to  be filled with deadlines, expectations etc… even if it meant getting paid…so how can I put a price on this? Sure, I envy the glamazons of the blogosphere world like Nicole from Gary Pepper Girl & Aimee from Song of Style, or how I wish I can look as beautiful as mum Chriselle Lim from  The Chriselle Factor or yummy mummy Sarah Jane Young from SISJ. I really enjoy blogging for what it is-besides the dreadful part of writing blogposts whilst sitting in the dark of your bedroom with dry, red eyes while your baby sleeps or, just finding time to load & edit photos while trying to find the right words to tell your stories in a way that makes them ‘relatable’. You share your heartaches, and your successes, and your hopes and dreams while the other chores are piling up. It’s all stolen moments and wondering if other people out there will find interest in the tales you’re telling. It’s all bursting to express yourself completely…And then a blog bursts forth from you and everything makes sense. It heals, it connects and it empowers & I don’t think it’s measurable monetarily for me.

Hoping you guys have a good week!