A photographer from GFP Babies that was at the hospital took these when Marlowe was just 2 days old… she is already looking so much bigger! She’s already 1 week old. She is still sleepy most of the time but we love when she is awake, she has the prettiest brown eyes, a cute button nose & a cupids bow little lips and is starting to smile and respond a little. I especially love it when she does a pout. I keep meaning to start her on a routine but this little girl is so hard to keep awake. She sleeps through the day & usually stimulated at night, but oh gosh I would love to get her sleeping through the night EVERY night.  I am definitely a better mom when I get my sleep. It is really fun to go back and look at photos from when she was just born & now because she changes so quickly! She is starting to look more & more like her daddy. I know a lot of newborns do the same coo’s and stretches but I swear her and G have a lot of the same little noises and expressions. My favorite thing is the stretch when you let them out of the swaddle, she stretches & yawns like G! She can hold her neck up and her little legs are getting so strong.. She hates the cot, hates nappy changes, loves to be held, loves the boob, loves tummy time, loves being swaddled, immediately goes to sleep when she is in G’s arms, loves bath time, doesn’t like being laid flat on her back, she is losing some hair and getting her lashes! We really really love this girl!!!!

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