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(T-Shirt from The Bee & the FoxM’s bearsuit from H&M)

It’s safe to say that I’m completely obsessed with my baby. Surprisingly, I was never the ‘clucky’ one pre-pregnancy & I used to scoff at the idea whenever someone would ask us “when are you going to have a baby!?!” (Couples, don’t you just hate that?!) I was not someone who always knew they wanted to become a mother, ooze maternal vibes, let alone how to be a mother- I was just never that girl. Then during my pregnancy, I thought I might be bitter about giving up aspects of my life, but once she came, I was surprised to find how happy I am by just simply staying home & lying around in bed with her. So the fact that I took to it with a lot more ease than I could have anticipated was in itself a super awesome surprise for me…*Pats myself on the back. So, it’s only befitting I that I fell in love with this adorable T-shirt from The Bee & The Fox! (Or should it say Mama Bear? haha)

Anyway, our Brother in Law suggested for us to try Chicken & Waffles from FAT which was opened by one of my favourite chefs Shane Delia! (I met him when G took me out on a date night to Maha & he is literally so super sweet & down to earth!) FAT is so yummy guys! YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE TO TRY OK THANKS BYE.
P.S You know how I mentioned I will be starting M on childcare next month? One of the reasons I decided to do it so early was, I thought it will be a smoother transition for her before she starts having separation anxiety. Ironically, when we went for our orientation, I was the one having these anxieties. I just can’t imagine someone else taking care of my babe & me “leaving” her. Anyone else ever felt like this?