I really love reading fun facts of bloggers/youtubers/celebrities that I follow. I guess it just shows a more ‘human’ side to them than we expect…and it’s also nice to discover something quirky about them. So I thought I’d do a new fact sheet about myself hehe.


Here goes:

I never had a flat/toned stomach.

I cry VERY easily at sentimental Hollywood movies or sad documentaries. The year I was to be married, I was watching heaps of wedding videos & cry almost everytime the bride & groom exchange their vows- especially when the song choice is a real heart tugger too.

My Starbucks order is usually always the Iced Green Tea Latte

My favourite burger from McDonalds is the Filet of Fish- finished off with hot Choc Sundae of course!

My morning ‘routine’ drink is this Indocafe instant coffee sachets. My day feels incomplete without it

I get easily attached to things that hold sentimental value- up to being a borderline hoarder, for example I still keep these 3 stuffed toys that I had when I young…they are so old & dirty too but I just can’t seem to let them go.

I use the brown colours (Faint & Primal) from Urban Decays Naked Basic – both 1 & 2 as my eyebrow fillers.

When I was about 13-14, my eldest sister (who at the time already lived in Melbourne & was very “cool”) did a ‘make-0ver’ for the nerdy me before our family went out to a dinner. She made me wear this really knee length denim skirt with a split in the middle, this tight black cardigan & some sky high pumps, then she tied my hair into a super high ponytail which looked like a fountain?! AND she somehow convinced me to not wear my glasses- so I rocked around blurry blind/squinty eyed throughout the whole dinner. She even had to pick my out the food from the lazy Susan. Never again.

My all time favourite Korean drama is New Tales of Gisaeng.

The anime that scarred me the most was Ghost-Hunt. Never watch it at home alone guys! Learnt my lesson.

When I was young & lived in Singapore, I constantly teased because of my surname. It made me very insecure & shy about it. Then I excelled at sports and won gold for most running competitions etc & was best in my PE class…and soon I wore the name like armour. Now that I’m married, I still have not changed my surname. People remember me more- especially when I make reservations at nice restaurants :)

I am a worrier. I worry about other peoples driving all-the-time. It used to be grades, then work, then clothes, blog- everything. This is something I definitely inherited from my mom.

I really like this beer: besides that, European Kolsch is also nice :)


When I was in Grade 6, I had my first boyfriend & he was Thai- he was in a class 2 years above me. I was really flattered & infatuated with him- then he got a little psycho & possessive- he threatened some guys that I spoke with even though they were my classmates/friends. In the end, it was a messy break-up & he spread rumours about me. *Rolls eyes, so Cliche.

I have lockjaw.

I graduated with a Finance/Arts degree but now work in a completely different field. I always advise people to not worry so much about high school/uni- as long as you hone it on your interpersonal/social skills. Stay up to date with world news. Do well of course but don’t get obsessed trying to do well to ‘find a job’ because things in life can take you into very different paths- anything is possible.

I always walk on the left of my husband so I can hold his hand better <3

And I always carry my bag on my left shoulder/left hand.