IMG_8942I know it is late, but I still want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas 2012 & a Happy New Year 2013!

Christmas is my all time favourite holiday. Besides the presents, I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I step into stores & hear Christmas songs playing in the background. I am mesmerised by the beautiful Christmas lights, trees & decorations when I drive past houses. My heart jumps everytime I see something pretty in a shop window & the desire to buy it as a gift to someone dear. And I crave the scent & sound of a sweet burning fireplace & a cozy rug (too bad we have summer here in Australia during Christmas)

I hope you all had your bellies full of awesome food, Christmas puddings, Egg Nog & grog. And I certainly hope you guys got spoilt for Christmas like I did :)

Thanks to my family, my friends & KK who thought of me during this holiday by giving me their well wishes… I am super grateful to have you in my life!!

Also this New Year, I wish you all health, happiness, success & prosperity :) Forgive those who have wronged you, put it into your past & look forward to new opportunities, new love & friends in the new year! I know I do! :)


Some of the pressies I got! :P




How was your Christmas?