After years of living in a full house (think 6 adults + 2 babies) and with 99% of our belongings cramped into one room, we are pleased to say that we finally moved into our new home. Last Friday was our first night, and by the Sunday, we had completely unpacked. Moving into a new forever home is exhilirating, but the process of moving & packing your entire life in & out of cars /boxes/plastic bags is painstakingly brutal- especially when you have a hyperactive toddler running around & constantly wanting your attention. Thankfully, we had already prepped the place months in advance full of furniture prior to moving, which really helped. I’ll admit I was a tyrant when it came to home organisation, but with each  luggage & box unpacked, I got a rush of adrenaline that kept me going. One of the things I super look forward to, is the ‘decorating’ aspect after unpacking. We have a couple more final touches to make, like finishing up M’s room, our bedroom, the guest room & the TV! OK that sounds more than ‘finishing touches’ ha! 

I’m curious to know if you had moved before, what was the most exciting aspect of your move? 

View from top of stairsNew cooktop doesn’t give me much of a reason not to cookAlways wanting our attentionFrom left to right: Book shelf, Tiger & Ball from Ikea, shadow boxes from Bloomingville, floor cushion & canopy from Numero.74, Cushions under canopy from Kmart, wall decals from Rocky Mountain Decals, tiger laundry basket, faux hide rug from Kmart, personalised blankie from The Knit Studio, cot by Boori. I forgot the brand/ where I got those prints. You can find most of these from Growing Footprints & Leo & BellaMy fiddle ❤️ in a Kmart basketCan you believe this is a Peace Lily?! From Constance Florist.M’s study-turned-playroom