Let’s face it.

No matter how many ‘words of wisdom’ there is about having a positive outlook on life & how to make light of the shitty things that happen to us…life can be a bitch, shit still happens, Santa doesn’t exist & bad people win.

Normally I don’t want to rant on this blog…but ah well..it’s one of those days- & yes! I admit & acknowledge  that I am being hypocritical compared to my last blog post “Fighting!”

BUT, at this moment, I just can’t help but feel that it is so unfair how some people can get by so easily ,while the rest of us …well walk the long hard road.

To be more succinct, some of us work hard to get to where we are, what we want to have or want to achieve, make effort for friends, to get awesome results for a project or something etc…whereas some people just….glide past without a lift of a finger – And yes Bad people still get good karma! ( NOT ALL, but some people ok! But that’s besides the point, just let me rant & bitch & bask in my own negativity for now please?)

I’m sure all of you know someone or some people, where every-time  they go clubbing, they get shouted tons of drinks-without shouting anyone else. Have a birthday & receive tons of presents from people they hardly really know, or receive presents without ever sending one themselves or even, wishing those ‘friends’ a Happy Birthday! Or those who get an awesome job through a connection or without having to do much. Those who get invited to parties without ever inviting. Those who do ‘well’ in school due to plagiarizing, copying or just have an awesome friend/ group member that does all the work. Those who always gets free rides or ‘need a ride home’ but disappear after without so much of ‘thanks’. Those who don’t really make an effort for their ‘friends’but have friends that go a mile for them. People who obviously cannot do/deserve their job but have the title, bitchy people have the most friends & donating to charities are just face value ? (PLEASE INSERT OTHER EXAMPLES)

Anyways….on the brighter side…still trying my best to stay positive…but I have to admit that it’s wavering & I am feeling absolutely crushed due to some recent news I received :( I’m starting to think that I should really stop trying? Or maybe that is my own downfall…for trying to0 hard?