So recently, I have signed up to Bloglovin which is pretty much the MOTHER of all blog sites.

It’s a website where you can check out the hottest & most popular blogs about Fashion, Photography, Food, Lifestyle etc & you can easily see from the right side column which blogs are most popular-  mainly Fashion/ Photography blogs like Fashion Toast by Rumi Neely, Tommy Ton from Jak&Jil or the Sartorialist by Scott Schuman.

Truthfully, I signed up because I wanted to add the cutest icon I fell in love in while browsing Bloglovin, onto my screen….if you scroll down a little, on the right hand side, you will notice a new ‘flashing’ addition to my widgets column- the Eiffel Tower!! :)

Anyways, while snooping through other peoples’ blogs, I can’t help but noticed & wonder that most of these people have some awesome photographers on their tail!! How??? Who??? I need one of them!!! :D Not because I have awesome clothes to show off to, but just cuz I am a Cam Whore & I always imagined myself looking like a mermaid on the rocks with waves crashing & someone will take a nice “natural” pose of me, then I will order a huge 55″ of the pic to hang it in a frame in the living room for all my lovely guests to see. lol-not kidding.

But seriously, most of these bloggers like Aimee, Rumi, Chiara have awesome photographs all the time & awesome quality too unlike those Phone or Digicam shots (like mine unfortunately)!!!!!

(The beautiful & always trendy Rumi from

Me on the other hand, have to resort to a piece of steady furniture or (insert a 180 deg angled structure) to take a ‘so so’ photo of myself OR the ‘self take’ option on my Iphone- in which 99% of the time, only takes like my head & 1/2 of my top-not even. Or when my friend or boyfriend offers to take a photo of me, it just looks, I don’t know….NASTY hahaha like a typical photo from the clubs or something. AND my boyfriend seems to take photos of me with my eyes half shut, or my mouth open cuz I was trying to say something..! (arghhh)

(Behold the infamous “I dropped something, dont know where it is, scratch my head” look, all from*

Even when I was browsing through Lookbook, most of the entries were someone else taking a photo of that someone that sent their entry into Lookbook!!! & they are all in this incredible, almost sometimes sexual poses, or like some fantasy backdrop, or like in a pose where they pretend they aren’t looking in the camera. (phew hard to say it all) I laugh to myself imagining if I have to pose like that in front of my friends, or boyfriend…I think they will give me so much shit first. But how I wish someone can also tag along with me & take papz shots of me :P

Even this photo below took me about 6 shots because since I “pretended” to look au naturale & not looking into the camera, I can’t see where it’s shooting, hence shooting in all the wrong areas, & finally VOILA!~

Also, these bloggers must have like another room for their clothes or something, & have like an industrial sized drawer for all their accessories & a library sized bookshelf for their shoes! Do these people save money??? Or just buy clothes etc everytime they get paid!?? Are these borrowed? Given?? Handed down??? Sponsored?? I thought I was bad enough with money & credit cards, but seriously, these people are out of control!!! Where/ how do they afford to get different bags & change it almost every week/day/month!! SO.JEALOUS. :(

I wonder if everyday or every night, they decide “hmmm what should I wear tomorrow?” & like lay out their clothes on the bed or chair for the morning come, or like take like 3 hours to get ready with organizing which accessories, shoes, belt, skirt, top, jumper, vest, hat etc etc or what hairstyle etc. Or like have a ‘clothes calendar’ where they write down what they wore during the month or week. “Ah shit, I wore those socks like last week, & I can’t wear these shoes cuz too many people have seen me in them. Fuck this bag was like soo last season etc, ok so, today I will wear so & so…hang on, nah not the skirt cuz I wore it once already.” Cuz seriously, in almost every picture, they are wearing different shit!!!


Dayum….I wish I look like that bahaha~

Oh btw, I wasn’t making fun of them in case you guys are offended. I’m saying this with glimmer in my eyes!! I am in awe, inspired, envious!! Look in my eyes & you’ll know I am in love!!




Anyways, a friend asked me what my blog is about, and although I have mentioned it enough -or have you not noticed the headings or read the “About Me?” is ANOTHER, hopefully clearer explanation

My blog is like a diary entry- random things I do & encountered (which I am comfortable enough to publicly share). I like to put up photos of my friends & I & the crazy shenanigans we get up to, I like posting up the current things I love, things I want to buy but can’t, blogs that I am loving, pictures that move me, what I bought & how much & from where, my favourite songs at the moment, my favorite artists etc…so really, I want you to feel or know how I am feeling that particular day. To find beauty in the things I love or hear, or share. To want the same things I want to buy! Sometimes I like to promote for my friends, may it be for their events, business or whatever! Simply, I want you to see my world- in an ‘average person’ light, like we are the same. Does that make sense?

I wasn’t aiming for celebrity status, (I know what you’re thinking- as if I can right?), I wasn’t aiming for sponsorships (but hey, if you get offered one, why not right?) but why can’t I look up to these AMAZING bloggers from bloglovin & find some inspiration? Look at where they got themselves to!! They were just like me & you, but now they are attending the hottest parties, wearing the trendiest clothes, get to travel almost every week, be in magazines or ad campaigns, rub shoulders with celebrities etc, & they started here, on the computer-probably being a nerd just like me! The difference is they focus on just that one part of their life :D

You know how when you see these other famous blogs, they attend fashion parties, or they wear the MOST AMAZING stuff- but you know you can’t pull it off here in OZ land? And that those fashion parties seem more like a dream or fiction pulled out from Entourage?? Like when I watch Entourage, my heart hurts man…not to be able to do those things.. So I guess my blog is like, a tad more realistic??

I don’t have the most amazing clothes, the most amazing accessories, the most amazing shoes or bags to blog about all the time- & most certainly not enough of it to in the first place. I don’t have enough motivation to dress myself up everyday like someone from Gossip Girl, Sex & the City, or those girls in those Fashion blogs & I also seriously CBF with my hair most of the time (although I know many people are jealous of the length lol)- unless it is the weekend when I am going out at night. I don’t live in some house on the hill, nor do I drive a hot ass convertible car. I’m seriously not trying to prove anything like as if I am a style guru or some sort, nor am I trying to show that I’m living a Lauren Conrad life.

But I hope that is the appeal of it. The fact that this is “real”, or average!


P.S (The girls from the Lookbook photos are Juliett K, Olivia L, Frida J & Carolina E. All photos posted are not mine! They are from their respective blogs as mentioned- check out these  girls on lookbook or bloglovin)

Anyways, I hope you all like my blog & some way or the other find something you like in it, may it be a link to someone else’s blog, or the music or the V-logs etc ;)

Please leave me some comments as encouragement to keep me doing what I have come to love!

Goodnight World!~