So, this is probably not ‘new’ news, but I got all excited when I recently found out Kevin Kwan book will be produced into a movie. I did however, get a bit disappointed that their choice of lead role went to Constance Wu. While I liked her in “Fresh off the Boat”, I really couldn’t picture her to play Rachel Chu- no offence Constance. It got me thinking of my dream cast for this movie hehe. Now..if I missed out on some characters, don’t be too harsh! It was a while ago since I read that book & now it’s with my sis who won’t return it lol.


Here are some of the other characters I’ve come up with. Disclaimer: I don’t know much Singaporean actors/actresses that is ‘relevant’ now. I’ve just googled the below people. So please don’t take this too seriously!! I only picked them from how I imagined them to look!

Rachel Chu: Jamie Chung. What can I say. She suits this role more than Constance. Sweet, pretty, ‘Americanised’.FW13 THE HEART TRUTH NEW YORK 02/06/2013

Nicholas Young: Coincidentally a “Young”, George Young will play an excellent Nick Young. He has the mysterious Eurasian look (for ancestry purposes from the book) & he is a Singaporean actor. He will look so HOT as a professor. I don’t think I would’ve learnt anything if I were in his class lol.


Astrid Leong: Arden Cho. She has that slightly cold & calm look that I imagined about Astrid.


Eleanor Young: Michelle Yeoh. Not only is she a favourite Asian actress, beautiful & charming…she also has that “Bitch don’t F**K around with my son”, high class look.


Carol Tai: Joan Chen. I couldn’t think of any greater pair of actresses that play the gossipy mothers role together with Michelle Yeoh, but Joan Chen.

joan chen

Colin Khoo: Harry Shum. All I can say is… I like this guy. Looks wealthy but down to earth & sensible at the same time.


Araminta Lee: Olivia Munn. Supermodel, fashion icon, exotic name….seem like a Eurasian will suit this role. It was her or Maggie Q, but I think MQ a little older look.

BVLGARI "Decades Of Glamour" Oscar Party Hosted By Naomi Watts - Arrivals

Olivier Tsien: Rex Lee. I really couldn’t picture anyone else bitchy enough to do this role other than Rex Lee- or Lloyd from Entourage. And I couldn’t find a decent enough picture of him. But picture him with a bitchier, coy look & with glasses.


Michael Teo: Julian Hee. Ok I just googled ‘Hot Singaporean Actors’ & he came up. He looks tanned, muscly…very ‘hands on’ & down to earth kinda guy- also ‘ex-Army’ looking hehe.


Eddie Cheng/ Bernard Tai: Godfrey Gao. He has that Hong Kong-ish bratty look. Or… he can play the role of Bernard Tai.


Nadine Shaw/ Sophie Khoo: Brenda Song. She has that slight bitchy look perfect for Nadine Shaw, but also can be the nice girl next door for Sophie Khoo.


Shang Su Yi: Idi Chan?? I don’t know much older asian actresses- or at least, I don’t know their names, but I imagined Shang Su Yi to look like a much older version of this elegant lady in a Cheong Sam.


Kelly Chu: Ming Na Wen. She really suits the ‘homey’, down-to-earth, Americanised Chinese mom to Rachel Chu….she actually looks like my friends mom that’s why haha.


Cassandra Shang: Liza Lapira. She has that big mouth kinda feel from the movies/shows I’ve seen her in. hahah no offence Liza!!


Goh Peik Lin: Carrie Wong. Ok, I googled ‘Top Singaporean Actresses 2017’ and she was in one of the results & I thought she will make such a perfect Goh Peik Lin. Or she can alternate to be Sophie Khoo also.



Kitty Pong: Janice Man- Remember her?!! Especially when I googled her & the below image appeared… I thought…perfect!!


I’d like to know what you guys think of my choices?? I know there are more characters like Alistair & Fiona etc..but yea, I’ll leave it for now because it’s late & I have to go to bed soon!!

P.S Does anyone know how to edit the sizes on WordPress now?!