So… end of August last year, Graham & I went to Pottery Barn to look for some furniture for our new home. We’ve been a big fan of the William Sonoma group for a while, so, to finally  be able to purchase something from one of their brands was a big highlight for us. We fell in love with the bed below- the Harper & a matching Lorraine tufted storage bench. We purchased it right there & then. As we purchased this for our unfinished home, we asked them to withhold it at their warehouse for slightly longer period as we had no space at the time (the latest was November they said)

November came & I rang the shop to touchbase with them about this order. A man with an American accent picked up & the first thing he did was put me on hold because he was talking to someone else in the background. The wait ended up for a good 15 mins or so, and he finally took the call sounding deeply disinterested with what I had to say. I just told him that I wanted to know the status of our order & that they can now dispatch it. He didn’t sound like he knew what was going on- or the least bit caring, so he took down my details begrudgingly & said the manager will ring me back. This was when the wild goose chase began. I received a missed call the day after from the “manager” but everytime I ring back, he was never available- AND he never returns my calls after numerous messages left with different staff. Finally after about the 3rd-4th attempt (over a couple of days) I managed to speak to a lady & asked her to check the details of our order again. She then tells me the bed is out of stock! Bo-Bummmmmm!!!! My heart sank. She then promised that she will get the manager to call me back to confirm this. No return calls were received at all- again. We then went to the store, but the manager wasn’t in & the other salespeople were too self-absorbed & snobby to help anyone else- or us.

I FINALLY spoke got hold of the “manager” one day & after complaining about the whole situation & how poorly it was handled, he simply said to us that he will get DHL to email us about the delivery- (p.s, he was not the least bit apologetic, had no sense of urgency & for lack of a better term…didn’t give a shit). He told us the same thing again on another separate occasion- of course it never happened. By this stage, I was livid. I wanted to be nice, I wanted to be understanding, but these people didn’t give me any reason to- 1. They were disinterested after the sale. 2. They were just plain rude & snobby. 3. They never took any ownership, responsibility or were even empathetic to our situation. I mean, I used to work in retail, so I didn’t want to lash out at the first person on the receiving end, but I was getting desperate. Finally after Christmas, we went to the store again & a staff finally decided to help us. After an hour + of walking around Chadstone to kill time while he “sorted” things out, he broke the news to us that DHL had some water damage on the pellets which contained our bed, so it was shipped back to Sydney. He said he will chase them up again for us on Monday & ring us back. Obviously nothing happened since.

Finally in Feb, Graham went to the store on his day off & demanded a refund. Surprise surprise, it was a ‘new’ manager in store & she absolutely did not know what the F*** was going on. In his words…”She was in lala land”. She handed him a piece of paper with customer service numbers (who are located in USA by the way) & basically told us it was out of their hands & that we need to call this number to cancel the order. I rang on the 4th of Feb to the Customer Service line in the US & demanded a cancellation & refund…for the first time, this lady (Debra) really sounded like she cared. She said she will take ownership & check on what was happening & will try request for a cancellation & refund. I asked that they reimburse me more than the price of the 2 items as we had interest payments & went through such a terrible experience waiting for over 5 months!!! The best they could do was offer me 15% off my next purchase! As if I will buy anything more from you!

I understand that shit happens & you can’t help if something happened with the logistics but at least be helpful, be understanding & most importantly, APOLOGIZE when it’s due & ISSUE US A GODDAMN REFUND IF THE FUCKING ITEM DID NOT ARRIVE AFTER 5 MONTHS DICKHEADS. I visited their Facebook page & there were so many others who experienced the same unfortunate event.

That’s Pottery Barn for you. Don’t even waste your time or money there.