While I was pregnant with M, I was nervous about my ability to care for a newborn, but pretty confident that I was well equipped with all the items every ‘new parent needs’. But once I gave birth to her, I realised no matter how prepared you are, you can never really be prepared. We eventually settled into a comfortable enough routine and discovered a lot of great products along the way. I’ve rounded up my favorites- I’ve even included must-haves I found helpful during my pregnancy, and hope you’ll find them just as helpful! You don’t have to get the same exact brand, but from the 2nd picture onwards, if you have these items handy for its functionality then it would really help!

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1. Up the Duff– When I looked for a pregnancy guide, I found most of them wayyyy too boring to read. My colleague lent me this & suffice to say, Kaz Cooke really made it interesting, humorous & real about the pregnancy facts I needed to know, along with funny as comics/jokes which really lightened up my take on my changing body. None of that long ‘perfect mom’ type rant in most other books. You will not be disappointed.
2. Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold Vitamins– I don’t know how, but I completely misread the instructions & ate 4 pills a day! (ha! You’re supposed to only have 2 total per day, 1 after each meal) But these vitamins work for me, especially in providing that much needed folic acid for the foetus.
3. Nivea Repair & Care– I used bio oil during my pregnancy, but there was something about the consistency, the smell & the ‘after’ feeling that I don’t quite like. Oh also the messy oiliness after. I ended up using this moisturiser from my 2nd trimester onward & it worked wonders for me. I still use it now.
5. Belly Belt– I didn’t really buy much ‘maternity’ clothing, so I still used my normal jeans/shorts/skirt with these.
6. Mombo Nursing Pillow – I would actually REALLY recommend this one instead, which was given to me as a gift when I was pregnant. The wedge was so helpful as a support for my growing belly when I lay on my side & the pillow so comfortable to sleep & nurse on. I couldn’t Polyvore the photo of it though, so here is the link. (Even G loves sleeping on this pillow) I even brought it to the hospital to sleep on. The Mombo is useful sometimes but I find it too rigid, stiff & it’s hard to fit on when you already have a baby latched on.
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1. Medela Swing Pump – well it is a hospital recommended brand. I have not tried other brands, but super happy with this one.
2. Medela Pump & Save Bags– super handy to have by your bedside for those late night pumps. It comes with a ‘sticky’ latch thing that goes over your Medela pump. I also use other brand bags but I have to sticky tape the top over the pump.
3. Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs– These were awesome especially when I was at the hospital & not used to the breastfeeding pains. It helped relieve the soreness- even now. At home, I put these in the fridge for extra coolness.
4. Avent Breastfeeding Pads– These worked well for me. It comes in a pack of 60 & is affordable. A must have if you are breastfeeding since mine leaked like crazy!
5. Lansinoh– Another hospital recommended brand. I use this almost everyday after I shower to soothe the soreness.
6. Medela Nipple Shields– Nuff said about sore nipples
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1. Aquascale Bath– A bit on the pricier side but this really helped me check M’s weight (if she’s gaining) as well as know that the water is the perfect temperature setting. The design provides a comfortable and safe seat for the baby to lean against too which you can take off when baby becomes a toddler.
2. iCandy Peach 3– There are tons of stroller options and you need to get the one that works best for you, but for us, this model is perfect. It’s so versatile and well designed and love that it will grow with M (you can add another seat later on). Plus rolls so easily, smooth & easy to fold up.
3. Love to Swaddle– M loves sleeping with her arms up next to her head (just like G & I) so this swaddle was perfect! So easy & quick to put on!
4. Moses Basket– I contemplated whether it was worth it for me to buy something so temporary but this basket really helped especially for her daytime naps. Our room is way too hot even with the AC on because it’s summer, so we pop her in the Moses Basket located in the living room where it’s cooler. Plus it’s a great photo prop :) You can find super cheap ones from eBay (where I got mine!)
5. Sangenic Nappy Bin– This bin works great for us- not sure how well it will seal the smell once she’s on solids though, but for now it hides away the used nappies which I would otherwise throw into my normal bin (exposed top). It seals up the nappies & smell ( I squish like 2-3 into one plastic)
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1. HUF ankle socks– Ok this really worked for me. As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I had swollen ankles in my 3rd trimester & it didn’t go down even after birth. So when I used these socks to sleep one night (they were very snug fit) the next day, my ankles were back to normal!!
2. Bonds Maternity Bra– Just amazing. I wore this when I was pregnant and it was soo comfortable & I’m wearing it now. Get a size up though if you are breastfeeding because my boobs grew like 2 sizes up.
3.Peter Alexander Sleeping Robe– I think soft, thin robes are life-saviours during this time. I wore it right after birth which is so easy to put on & gentle on the nipples. And so easy to slip on/off for breastfeeding. I literally lived in these for a week when I was back home.
4. 4MOMs Mamaroo– This powered bouncer is super helpful when I was tired rocking M. The five movement settings, along with Bluetooth connectivity, lets you change the motion from your phone, which became my favorite feature. Comes with a variety of white noise as well as plugs into your phone for music too.
5. Belly Bandit- Post Birth Compression binder. My midwife actually told me this is good for you as it encourages pushing back your internals into its former place haha.