I have a couple of fur jackets – both real & faux… and I have never been so glad to have bought them. Surprisingly, most girls still shy away from wearing fur although the Oohs & Ahhs are generous when complimenting others wearing it. If it’s the cost involved- fair enough, but you can find real fox fur for about $200-300 from vintage shops! I got one of my faux fur jackets ONLINE for $90! We’re not talking about mink or chinchilla here. Not only they are warm in winter, they just add that Ompfh to any outfit! I also wear mine with a T & Blue Jeans. New Yorkers wear them to brunch & Russians wear them to sleep. I swear…I feel like a real pimp/mafia wife whenever I wear mine out & I get plenty of compliments for it. Anyway enough about the jacket… (aside that you NEED one next winter ok) I also have about 3 dresses that have outrageous glitter/studs on it. It’s my ‘debut/statement’ outfit. And when you have such statement outfits…the less you can accessorise! Messy bun, no necklace, just a clutch ..and that fur jacket. You still look like a million bucks. :)
BTW the clutch is from Janvier…On my wishlist already ;)

AMOR PSYCHE silver home accessory
$655 –

Faux fur coat
$55 –

Christian Louboutin black pumps

Silver jewelry