Hey Everyone!

Here are some photos from my 6th year anniversary with G which we spent in Daylesford. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a camera & the photos taken from my phone didn’t do the place justice at all! So…I scouted the net & found some photos of the stuff we did, & the rest are with my phone :)

Lets just say…Daylesford is a MUST go :)

Lucky for us, it was sunny skies on the drive down…

Brunching it here…with some Red Eggs & Omlette!

Walkabout at the picturesque Daylesford Lake…


…then off to Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa to relax :) :) :)


Then off to our Villa @ Kudos Earth!

Next day, off to Mill Market! They have the coolest collection of antiques & vintage collections that come from as old as 1920s!! (maybe there’s some from earlier as well…)

Things authentically from the Retro era- 60s & 70s!

From the 1920s…& it cost about AUD1800+

Love these ‘shabby chic’ vintage chairs…very country!

Genuine Louis Vuitton piece for $300

Syringe set from 1939…wonder what it’s for & who would buy this!?

Theres’ too many photos I took which I cbf putting up…they inc Mink coats, old school records + players, more furniture & interesting books like…

Then…off to the Chocolate Mill!! Yum Yum!!

Then we went to see Trentham falls etc…which killed my legs since it was a hike!

All in all, Daylesford was a nice surprise getaway, a small town about 2hrs drive from Melbourne…check out the new tourism ad for it starring Isabelle Lucas

Night World! xx