Now that it’s winter, I find myself drawn to the first season of Gossip Girl (2007) when Serena & Blair hit the Manhattan streets with fashion that was everything but drabby. Naturally, when it’s freezing cold, all I want to wear is something soft & comfortable, unfortunately, most of the time, ‘comfort’ & fashion just don’t translate well in looks. One of the looks I love & have been on my mind recently is this- now commonly referred to as the ‘OTK (over the knee) boots’


And then of course, a picture perfect Miranda Kerr, pulling this look off like nobody else can.

12Now that the OTK is back in trend, I recalled to the time when I first owned mine. They were white faux leather, high heeled & had studs down the side which in hindsight is a fashion horror (cringe!). Not only did it look very Texan callgirl cowgirl, it was also extremely uncomfortable- though at the time, I wore it with pride. This time I was adamant to make up for this fashion mistake with these seasons favourites. To avoid the same fashion crime again, I have set myself these rules: The heel must not be too high, material must either be in suede or soft leather & preferably in muted colours- in my case, black!

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